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Our Mentors


Nili Peretz

A TEDx speaker Nili Peretz is an Israeli-American author, international speaker, and former attorney. Nili has trained and consulted hundreds of experienced speakers and executives, as well as many aspiring speakers. 


In her work, Nili helps her clients to develop their authentic, charismatic stage presence, while using storytelling techniques, non-verbal communication, and their unique talents.


As a high-performance expert, Nili also studies the link between audacity and success and inspires people to overcome fears and unleash their full potential.


Nili is the co-author of the book "Obama's Secrets: How to Speak and Communicate with Power and a Little Magic," and the forthcoming book "Positive Chuztaph: A New Mindset for success."

Ofer Reshef.jpg

Ofer Reshef

Ofer Reshef is a leading workshop facilitator, lecturer consultant, and senior trainer with over 25 years of experience in instruction, facilitating, counselling and personal training. 


He provides counselling and training to leading companies in Israel.  Ofer also has experience in lecturing at conventions, seminars, and various forums.

Linda Lovitch Head Shot 1.jpg

Linda Lovitch

Linda Lovitch helps people communicate with clarity and confidence to live and televised audiences. 


With a background in psychology, mass communications and theatre, Linda conducts training in effective presentation skills, media interviewing techniques, intercultural communication and new narratives in Israel advocacy.  


Her clients include government and IDF spokespeople, the Prime Minister's Office, ambassadors and spokespeople from the Israeli Foreign Ministry, high tech executives, universities and non-profit organizations.  


Linda guides speakers towards finding their own voice and shows them how to communicate their messages with impact.


Helen Gottstein

Helen Gottstein, Loud and Clear Communications, is a senior communications trainer with over 20 years of experience in optimizing pitches, presentations and public speaking for people who want to talk like professionals.


Smart, engaging and emotionally intelligent, her training delivers results for leading tech companies and organizations so they deliver their speaking goals every single time.

Edie Berg Headshot TED.png

Edie Berg

Edie empowers, and imparts confidence in women (and some brave men) 45yo and over, through fitness and physical strength. 

She teaches workshops to companies on how to ensure and celebrate gender equality, and prevent gender discrimination throughout the corporation. Edie is the host and founder of The Strong Women’s Club Podcast. 

Currently a student at the Kellogg-Recanati International Executive MBA program, Edie’s background includes conference MC and wellness trainer, content writing and editing, catering, technical writing, rehabilitation management, and more (!). 

Edie was raised in the USA and Australia, and has called Israel home for the past 30 years.

תום נחמיאס.jpg

Tome Nahmias Calic

Tome Nahmias Calic is a lecturer at Tel- Aviv University's Group Facilitation program and at the Open University's Organizational Consultation program.


She is an organizational consultant and a group facilitator with vast experience at working with teams and executives. As an expert at teaching the English language for non-native speakers, Tome helps her clients hone their presentation skills in English, and build self-confidence to deliver their messages.

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