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Event Organizer and Executive Producer

Liat Rabinovici

Liat is a passionate entrepreneur and promotor of innovations.

Her career spans more than 20 years of innovative developments and organizations, especially in health care and modern internet communication platforms. She has participated several successful start-ups. Currently, she acts as the founder and CEO of which focusses on tele-dissemination of medical and non medical innovative knowledge. 

Liat's personal collaboration with TED started after her team received the first prize at a TEDMED conference. She was inspired by the significant impact that TED conferences have on our common knowledge, on society and our future. Therefore, she decided to organize and produce the first Savyon TEDx in 2020.TEDxSavyon 2020 was organized together with the local school and pupils and the Savyon community and contributed to the education of our youth and to local consolidation. The upcoming TEDx2022 will also include these community aspects. 


TEDx Savyon 2020 received many positive reviews and compliments. The lectures were uploaded to TED YouTube and were seen by many viewers around the globe.


Liat organizes TEDxSavyon 2022 voluntarily and she is supported by many friends and volunteers. What drives her and the others are the feelings of being part of mission to disseminate through the net “blue-and-white” revolutionary and innovative aspects and ideas to viewers and audiences around the world.  


Sigal Gafni

Sigal Gafni is a media personality and a content marketing specialist.

Her career in the media began upon her release from the Israeli Air Force where she served as a Meteorology Officer. She started broadcasting on Channel 11 News as a Meteorologist and later also as a Reporter of Innovation and Technology. In 2017 Sigal joined Channel 12 Keshet Broadcasting, where she has been broadcasting since.  


Sigal is also a guest lecturer at the BA and MBA programs of the Coller School of Management at Tel Aviv University and also teaches at Habetzefer, Israel’s Advertising Agencies Academy.
For over a decade, Sigal served as VP Marketing & Business Development at Radio 103FM.

Sigal, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and an MBA in Marketing and Finance, both from Tel Aviv University.

She is an avid lover of animals, nature and extreme sports.  


Barry Katz

Barry Katz Ltd. Was founded in 2001 and today is a leading company that runs personalized communication skills programs in over 45 counties. The company specializes in developing stronger business relationships and coaching public speakers. 


The company helps speakers design and deliver their ideas more clearly, concisely, and in a memorable way. 

Their trainers have mentored countless speakers helping them prepare a strategic presentation to investors, roadshows, and Several TEDx events.  


Itay Cohen

Itay is a 3D artist & Graphic Designer.


Very passionate about the merger of science and art. 

Graduate from the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design.


A tech enthusiast and inspired by nature. Creator of 3D printed artistic sculptures and thrilled with the industrial revolution 3D printing technology will bring. 


A 8200 graduate and a fan of Sci-Fi and fantasy. Believes in a bright & optimistic future over the horizon.

Itay Cohen.jpg




Shay Turgeman

Technical producer


Doron Lavi

Video Photographer


Itai Portugaly



Tamar David

Hair & Makeup


Orly Shay

Impression Expert


Ami Vardi



Orna Rimok

Hair & Makeup


Eve kiminitz

Eventive - event supervisor

& coordinator



Tziporela is an Israeli theatre company and a creative house for original creation.


The ensemble who's been active for 18 years now is considered to be one of the most successful theatre companies in Israel.


Tziporela has been preforming in Israel and throughout the world  with 5 shows and is best known for its unique theatrical language that combines various genres from the theatre world.


Their extensive activities also include the hit web series "Tzipocolopis Now" that has millions of views and earned them an academic nomination for best web-series.


Their unique work method ,that they developed, is being taught by various high tech companies.


And they also give lectures and talks to educational institutions about satire and collaborative work.

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