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TEDx Savyon will take place in the new and fully equipped Community and Cultural Center of Savyon, Israel

Speakers from Israel and abroad will take center stage, join the worldwide TEDx speaker community and the talks will be recorded and disseminated worldwide over the TED interface.

Volunteers and sponsors will assist in the establishment of an interactive, prolific and exciting get-together with an international impact.




Community Center

All Videos
Trauma and documentary filmmaking | Yonatan Nir | TEDxSavyon

Trauma and documentary filmmaking | Yonatan Nir | TEDxSavyon

Documentary filmmaking can transform our relationship with trauma, as victim becomes heroic storyteller whose journey is an inspiration. In this touching talk, award-winning filmmaker Yonatan Nir reveals how he developed DocuTherapy, born from his personal experience with trauma, and uses films to support people to create an alternative narrative of hope and redemption. Yonatan Nir is an internationally acclaimed documentary filmmaker who began as a travelling photojournalist, writing for national & international publications. While serving in an elite commando unit during the Second Lebanon War, Yonatan suffered from shrapnel wounds after a close-by landmine explosion. Through his physical and mental recovery, he discovered the power of film in post-traumatic growth. His work vividly captures the relationship between man & nature, pain & healing, and the power of hope & redemption. In 2009 he won the prestigious “Asian Geographic Best of the Decade” award for his photojournalism work. His films “Dolphin Boy”, “My Hero Brother”, “The Essential Link – The Story of Wilfrid Israel”, “Cutting the Pain”, and “Picture of His Life” have been screened and broadcast to millions of viewers in over 40 countries, winning numerous awards in International Film Festivals. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
Outliving your expiration date | Tamir Gilat | TEDxSavyon

Outliving your expiration date | Tamir Gilat | TEDxSavyon

Tamir Gilat is a medical marvel who survived 3 terminal cancer death sentences, dealing with two major operations and participated in 2 clinical experimental trails. Thanks to his Mental Strength Tamir developed a way to Outlive his Expiration Date - the 3TGs way. A composition of Goals, Giving and Gratitude. Although Tamir is dealing with complicated treatments and side effects he inspire and mentally support hundreds of cancer patients and leader of the support to cancer research. In 2011 Tamir was diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic and kidney cancers, and given the shocking prognosis of having only a few months left to live. After major operations and complicated treatments, Tamir took part in two clinical trials that yielded life-saving drugs. Tamir believes in the power of man and research to transform reality. As a terminal patient, well passed his "expiration date", Tamir learned to reinvent himself daily. Tamir serves voluntarily as chairman of the Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF), a non-profit fund that offers research grants to top Israeli cancer researchers and devotes his life to supporting cancer patients and their families. In 2014 Tamir lost his wife, Keren, to cancer. Tamir is raising his three daughters. He studies and teaches Buddhism and meditation. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Event Organizer and Executive Producer

Liat Rabinovici

Liat is a passionate entrepreneur and innovation promoter.

Her career spans more than 20 years of innovative developments and organizations, especially in health care and modern internet communication platforms and has participated successfully in several start-ups. Currently, she acts as the founder and CEO of 

Liat's personal encounter with TED happened when her team received the first prize at a TEDMED conference and she got inspired by the significant impact TED conferences have on our knowledge and our future. Therefore, she decided to organize and produce the first Savyon TEDx.


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