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Facing Challenges


We all face challenges in our lives. Challenges have many faces: societal, professional, personal, health-related challenges.


My aim is to host a TEDx event that focuses on how to successfully overcome challenges. We shall explore paths from failure to success, how to regain personal growth and optimism and even make the seemingly impossible possible.


We share moving stories, optimistic and happy stories that will amaze the local audience and of course the many viewers around the world.

Looking forward to seeing you at Savyon Community Center on 22.2.22

Our Partners

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2022 video
DARE TO CLIMB YOUR EVEREST   | Daniel Wolfson | TEDxSavyon

DARE TO CLIMB YOUR EVEREST | Daniel Wolfson | TEDxSavyon

Everything is possible. Every person can climb Everest. Everyone can dream, find their own Everest, to plan and to conquer. Even the wildest and craziest dreams can be fulfilled, only if you really want and are ready to face the challenges along the way. This TEDx talk about a woman who managed against all odds to dare to dream and fulfill dreams. This talk will give you inspiration and motivation to climb Everest and start the path to its fulfillment. Daniel is an ordinary woman - a mother, a lawyer and mountain climber. Daniel is an Israeli woman who stood on the summit of Everest. Daniel discovered her love of mountaineering only after the devastating fall during the ski vacation and has since then developed a fervor for climbing the highest and most challenging peaks on Earth. Daniel has a bachelor's degree in business administration and a LLB Bachelor and Master LLM degree of laws. Daniel combines her profession as a lawyer in the commercial and corporate field with the urge to discover new challenging places in the alpine climbing field. As a lawyer Daniel works with large companies and she finds for her clients brave and creative solutions. Daniel's story begins with a difficult childhood in Soviet times, the accident that happened a decade ago, the demanding profession and single mother. Daniel believes that anything is possible and if you dream you can make dreams come true and everyone can conquer their own Everest. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Our Speakers

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Dr. Ori Leshman


Elie Shamir


Michal Moldawsky


Henrique Cymerman


Noam Gershony


Daniel Wolfson


Barak Cohen

Partners in kind

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Event Organizer
and Executive Producer

Liat Rabinovici

Liat is a passionate entrepreneur and promotor of innovations.

Her career spans more than 20 years of innovative developments and organizations, especially in health care and modern internet communication platforms. She has participated several successful start-ups. Currently, she acts as the founder and CEO of which focusses on tele-dissemination of medical and non medical innovative knowledge. 

Liat's personal collaboration with TED started after her team received the first prize at a TEDMED conference. She was inspired by the significant impact that TED conferences have on our common knowledge, on society and our future. Therefore, she decided to organize and produce the first Savyon TEDx in 2020.TEDxSavyon 2020 was organized together with the local school and pupils and the Savyon community and contributed to the education of our youth and to local consolidation. The upcoming TEDx2022 will also include these community aspects. 


TEDx Savyon 2020 received many positive reviews and compliments. The lectures were uploaded to TED YouTube and were seen by many viewers around the globe.


Liat organizes TEDxSavyon 2022 voluntarily and she is supported by many friends and volunteers. What drives her and the others are the feelings of being part of mission to disseminate through the net “blue-and-white” revolutionary and innovative aspects and ideas to viewers and audiences around the world.  


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